Are entrepreneurial sparks flying?

by: March 19, 2014
With the economy starting to grow some will be thinking about running a business – but have they found that life-changing spark to kick things off?
Desire or idea…
Have you got that deep desire to work for yourself, to create and build your own business, to do your own thing? Or maybe you’ve had THE idea, seen a gap in the market, identified a great opportunity and now you’re keen to do something about it.
But which comes first, the business idea or the desire to run your own business? And can you do one without the other?
Well I reckon that the desire to do your own thing is much more important than the idea.  If you have the idea but not the desire, in my opinion it’s probably best to find someone to work with who’ll take your idea through to the reality of a thriving business.
People with the desire but not the idea will eventually find the idea if the desire is strong enough.  Carefully analyse your skills and experience. Consider whether you can turn your interests into a business.  Look around at other businesses in a market that interests you, and identify something that’s better or different. Personally I find that if one focuses on customer service, or customer needs and the gap compared to what they actually receive, then great opportunities are often revealed.
Where does entrepreneurial desire spring from…
If you’ve got the desire, you’ll know that it’s overwhelming, it drives you, and until you’re running your own business you’ll never be completely satisfied. There’s a whole host of triggers that create it, mostly a combination of factors and situations, some of which are detailed below.
1.  You’re a maverick
You have an overwhelming desire for freedom, a dislike of authority, you hate being told what to do, and rules, regulations and the status quo often get in the way of what you want to achieve in life.
2.  You’re more customer-focused than working for someone else allows you to be
You have a desire to provide products and services that truly exceed customer expectations, a desire that is inhibited working in a large organisation where process, procedure and politics get in the way of personal achievement.
3.  Need for excitement
That need for excitement and desire to live life to the maximum is far greater than your need for perceived security and regular income.  The buzz that you get when you achieve and perform to your optimum is the almost insatiable stimulant that you constantly seek.
4.  You’re better than your employer has realised
You’re fed up with narrow responsibilities, bosses that are too busy furthering their own careers to care properly about yours, and you want the opportunity to prove yourself.  You’ve realised that there’s more to life and work than that seemingly endless 9-5 (or 8-7) corporate treadmill.
5.  Hard work
A strong work ethic is part of your psyche. Working all hours and thinking about work most of your non-work time when it’s for someone else has been ok for a bit, but now it’s time for you to gain the benefit that’s directly proportional to the results you can achieve.
6.  You want to be you
Working for someone else normally means a need to conform, to be the person that the company or your boss wants you to be.  They don’t realise that some of the weaknesses they perceive you have, are actually strengths when running your own show.  You want to be the real you, to survive and thrive on your own merits, to learn and self-improve at the sharp end where it really matters, and to use your own judgement to make your own decisions.
The late Steve Jobs once said: “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use”.  So if you’ve got the desire, what are you waiting for?


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