To sell or not to sell – is that the question?

  People notin the know (often accountants or corporate financiers – with apologies to those friends of mine in those...

October 21, 2013  

Brand Fluff …. Are You All Logo And No Mojo?

What is a brand? Ask a sample of the average-Joes and most will reach for one of today’s star brand...

October 15, 2013  

8 steps to recruiting exceptional people

There are three things in life that few of us are really good at but in which most of us...

October 8, 2013  

You need to leave the box to think out of it

Three simple steps to solving complex business challenges

September 30, 2013  

Handing over the business DNA: transitioning from owner-doing to owner-managing

  Many good businesses reach a size which is limited by the capability of the founder(s) to do any more...

September 23, 2013  

Starting A Business: Still Crazy After All These Years?

When I decided to start my first business many years ago, I can clearly remember several people who I worked...

September 16, 2013  

Get real, ‘Demi-Downtime’ is the key to work-life balance for entrepreneurs (and others)

Work-life balance for entrepreneurs? You must be joking! Isn’t work-life balance all about having plenty of time off? That doesn’t fit with...

September 9, 2013