Bounceability – the Secret of Top Performers

by: August 24, 2015


Differentiating real success from pretty average

We hear a lot about the attributes and qualities of highly successful business people. Self-motivation, tenacity, energy, enthusiasm – I could fill a page with similar adjectives! But there’s one attribute that’s rarely discussed. And this attribute may just be the one thing that differentiates real success from pretty average. I don’t know about you, but not many of us strive for being average…

Negativity is a decent starting point

You can call it what you want, but I call it ‘bounceability’. It’s not discussed much if at all, probably because its corollaries – failing, defeat, being down, losing – are topics that tend to be shunned in the business world. Which is a shame, because bounceability requires a real recognition of those negative states of mind.

It’s self-preservation

Bounceability is a deep-rooted self-preservation mechanism that allows you to understand how you’re feeling when the worst happens. You not only understand your feelings, but why you feel that way, and what lessons to learn, and you start to see the positives, perhaps even searching for a silver lining. Then you reach the point where you say enough is enough, and ‘bounce’ forward into a stronger, positive, more resilient, more determined, more driven and energetic future.

Bouncing higher than ever before

Part of this is positivity: the energy to exude upbeat behaviour even when you might not be feeling quite so upbeat. Part of it is resilience: not letting things get you down. But bounceability is much more than this. It’s not a front or an image. It’s a real whole person bounce to a state of mind that is higher than the previous highest point. It’s like a superball thrown from a moderate height onto a hard floor.

Only try not to smash too many ornaments and don’t let any ceilings get in your way.

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