• B2B Software & Hardware Turnkey Solutions

    We turned a stagnating loss-making B2B software company into profitability by restructuring their international route to market. We then created the platform for 60% growth over the following two years, by helping build a highly effective management team and steering through a major brand re-alignment. £2.5m to £4m turnover and £200k loss to £500k profit in 24 months. Quite pleased with that.

  • Motorsports Team

    We created the commercial side to a cash-strapped motor racing team. We developed the sales proposition and financial model, created a sales presentation, developed website content and style, set up marketing activities, lead generation and carried out sales presentations. Generated £300k revenues from scratch in just four months. 

  • Digital Marketing Company

    We enabled a digital marketing agency to build financial stability on top of early sales success through the implementation of highly effective business planning and financial management. We also steered it through a leadership crisis by a combination of coaching and support and implementing a strengthened management team. This business now knows what it’s doing, the results are coming in, and the sky’s the limit. We’re happy and more importantly so are they.

  • International Leisure Industry

    We found innovative ways of building revenues in slack periods for a Swiss-based snowsports business, researched the marketplace, devised an implementation plan, carried out marketing, and created two new strong income streams. Result: a delighted and less stressed business owner, and discounted ski hire for life. We hadn’t worked in this sector before so it just shows how transferable business skills can be, particularly the standing back, lateral thinking type of skills.

  • High Value Software Solutions

    We created a future growth strategy and a detailed three year plan for a sector-specific software solutions business, in particular building scalability into the senior management team and less reliance on the current owners. This business sold 12 months later. What else can we say?

  • HR-related Services

    We reviewed the business model of a supplier of HR-related services to large companies resulting in radically changing the pricing model for half of its services which tripled gross margin within six months. Not only that but client acquisition is now easier, and the business is growing successfully and profitably. Great news for an exciting business with strong potential.

  • B2C & B2B Services

    We helped a home-developed entrepreneurially-led B2C and B2B services micro-business build a platform for future growth, by creating a low risk financial plan, developing its brand, and devising and implementing innovative marketing activities. Result: organic growth with revenues doubled within two years.

  • Marketing Agency

    We resolved conflict between the two owners of a full-service marketing agency in order to define and agree the business’ future direction, without which the business would have imploded. Result: two happy bunnies (or penquins).

  • E-Commerce Startup

    This family-funded business, being built by a young entrepreneur, was about to fail. Cash was rapidly running out – another month or two and that would be it. We guided the entrepreneur to restructure the business model, and put in place systems and performance targets in order to get immediate measures of business performance. The new business model stopped the drain on cash, and over a period of six months the business more than doubled in revenues and became cash generative.

  • Manufacturer of Lifestyle Products

    We helped a stagnating owner-managed manufacturing company to create a functional board of directors, invigorating their strategic direction and creating a platform for new growth.

  • Manufacturer of B2B Products

    We introduced this company to multiple new suppliers, transforming their product mix and leading to treble digit sales and profit growth.

  • B2B Medical Services

    We led the management of a B2B medical services business through a strategic review, which identified weaknesses in their branding, marketing, logistics and operations functions. From this we helped create and implement a plan which successfully addressed all of these.

  • Professional Services Business

    We developed and implemented a business model for a professional services company in order to enable it to be more scalable and to increase its capital value.

  • FTSE 250 Company

    We evaluated the CRM systems of a number of companies that had been recently acquired by this business and helped to integrate this essential software across the enlarged group.