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by: January 14, 2014
As the MD/CEO of your business you are the most important, the most influential person at work. The way you behave defines the culture of your business, your mood impacts on everyone you employ, and your style of people management filters through every part of the enterprise. It is the single most important factor in the achievement of success.
How you use your power is critically important
The quality and effectiveness of the people you employ ranks top in the list of what makes a business successful.  Everything good or bad that happens in your business is a function of you and your people.  The products that you develop or choose to resell, the services you offer, the effectiveness of your marketing and sales teams, the quality of customer service perceived by your clients, are all completely dependent on the people you employ.
Rather excitingly, you have complete control over this.  You decide who to recruit and how much to pay, you define the roles and responsibilities, you provide the leadership, you define the culture of the business (whether or not deliberately), and your style is replicated by the people you employ as they use you as a role model.
For example, when you come into work feeling grumpy and irritable, you’ll be setting the tone of the atmosphere at work for everyone. The bigger the business the less rapid the impact, but for small businesses it’s pretty much immediate.  Conversely a positive cheerful boss will make everyone else feel great and work more effectively.
But more important than the mood of the day, is the ongoing norm of style and culture. Unless you think about this topic seriously, define and deliberately set out to create the business culture you want and a people management style you believe will be most effective, it won’t happen.
The realistically achievable goal
When it comes to people management, the reality is that most bosses are frankly pretty average. There are some who are good, but only very few are outstanding. Whilst the average boss may have been able to get away with it until now, they won’t be able to in the future. 
In an increasingly competitive world, the bare fact is that only businesses with good people managers will survive, and only those with outstanding ones will excel.
Do you want your business to be staffed by average managers and average people with resultant mediocrity (at best) of achievement? Or is your goal to do everything possible to maximise your success?
If the latter, your leadership goal is to create and develop the culture and management style of your business so that:

  • your employees love their job and being in your business so much so that they look forward to work;
  • you attract and retain employees of outstanding ability who contribute to their maximum;
  • you attract customers because they want to work with such a motivated and switched on team of people;
  • your personal workload reduces to a manageable level;
  • the business is no longer completely reliant on you for everything;
  • instead, you spend your time providing leadership, coaching and support to your people;
  • growth and profitability increase substantially.
Great business leaders achieve this: you can as well. 
How to positively harness your power
It would be easy here to provide a list of what you need to do.  And wrong.  Because there is no comprehensive list that is the panacea solution. Nor is there a universal management tool or technique.
But there is a mindset that will help lead you to what’s right for you.
First, you have to completely understand how critically important this is to you and your business.
Second, you have to truly want to adopt a leadership goal broadly similar to the one above.
Then take time to stop and think. Think about the impact you personally have on your business, imagine what utopia could be like, and plan what you are going to do and how you’re going to get there. This will be a continual process of self-analysis and improvement. And never get there, because if you do the danger is you become complacent, something you can never afford to be.
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