Move out of your comfort zone in 2014

by: December 30, 2013

You run your own business and it’s doing ok.  Wonderful.  That, in itself, is a significant achievement.  The large proportion of people either never take the plunge to start their own enterprise, or indeed do take the plunge but fail to succeed. So congratulations, you’re doing better than most.
But is that it? All done, mission accomplished, spend a bit more time on the golf course/sailing/skiing or whatever is your want?
Sadly (in my opinion) that’s what seems to happen to many business owners:  the achievement of the first goal followed by a move into a relatively undemanding comfort zone.  I get why people do this: to grow beyond the current level involves a change in mindset, many challenges, and risk. And if income is sufficient and lifestyle is good, why bother?
Well the answer is because life is too short not to bother.  If you’re a real entrepreneur, driven to achieve success, to maximise your personal mark on the world, then you cannot possibly stop – nor tread water – once you’ve achieved the first goal you set.   It’s time to move on, to set new goals, and to strive to achieve them.
2014 looks like it could be a cracking year for entrepreneurs.  Here are some ideas for how you can grab the opportunity to maximise the success of your business:
Plan.  Set yourself and your business stretching goals for 2014.
People.  Make sure you only recruit exceptional people to join your business. And keep them.
Culture.  Create the culture that allows highly talented people to thrive, to love working for you, and to make a substantial contribution to your business’s success.
Marketing.  Where’s the profitable growth going to come from and how is it going to be achieved? Focus on this. Get your brand right and make sure it’s doing its job to bring in new clients and retain existing ones.
Customers.  Spend more time with your customers discussing, understanding and fulfilling their needs (and less time on the golf course).
Self-development.  Be honest with yourself and write down your top three personal development needs.  Work out how you’re going to fulfil those needs and make sure it happens.
Get some help.  If you think you can do it all yourself, why haven’t you already done so? Because very few people have the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience of all aspects of running and growing a business.  There are specialist and generalist business experts out there who can help you shortcut the route to success and prevent you needing to re-invent the wheel. Some of them are exceptionally good!

‘Go-for-it’.  Execute your plan with energy, enthusiasm and positivity.  There’s no obstacle you cannot either overcome or circumnavigate. Just make it happen.


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