New business idea? Don’t miss the most important ingredient

by: January 6, 2015

A week or so away from the hurly burly of work is the perfect opportunity to think about setting up your own business. Inspiration often comes when your brain winds down a notch from dealing with day to day work pressures. 

So it’s a great idea and you’re eager to make it happen. And let’s assume that it really is a great idea and the market research that you carry out, with both eyes and ears wide open, confirms that is the case. What is the most crucial factor in turning your idea into a successful business? Is it product development, technical or professional competence, brand development, marketing, lead generation, client acquisition, quality of customer service? All massively important, but not the most critical.
It’s oomph. Pure energy, enthusiasm, drive, motivation.  You’ve got to live, breathe, and sleep your business.  This is a real 24/7 commitment. No 9am-5pm Monday to Friday hours from now on, no ‘not working today because it’s a bank holiday’, no switching off the email or not answering the phone after 6pm.
In an era where work-life balance is regarded as an essential prerequisite to adult life, where less and less people work long hours during the week let alone at weekends, I know there’s going to be people who strongly disagree with me. But, sorry, forget what any namby pamby wishy washy people tell you; hard work and long hours, coupled with energy, tenacity, responsiveness, positivity and enthusiasm is the world you need to live in if you want to maximise your chance of success.
Some people will say that it’s all about ‘working smart’ not working long hours. I say it’s both. You have certain ability, certain skills and experience, and over time one would hope that these will increase both in quality and quantity.  But that it isn’t going to happen overnight. So yes, work smart – or at least as smart as you can. But the factor you have most control over is the effort you apply and the energy and enthusiasm with which you apply it.
It’s a simple equation.  Ability x Effort = Results.

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