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Zonata People: Real-World Business Expertise

Zonata is a unique collection of entrepreneurs and SME business experts; people who’ve created and built their own successful businesses and are now motivated to help others do the same.

Because we’ve run businesses ourselves, each of us has a wealth of experience and ability across most areas of business and sectors; and we’re far from complacent – we know that it can be tough, sometimes very tough – both commercially and emotionally.

We do this because we love business. Especially we love making a difference, a big difference.

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What you get from Zonata people is the real deal. No front or fancy image, no unnecessary academic theories, no proposals for work that won’t make much difference. We’re interested in helping you achieve substantial business results. We’re on your side.

Our Senior Team

Stuart Gordon, Managing Director


  • Distribution/Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Also Finance, Business Strategy, Leadership, Profesional Services, Manufacturing & Customer Service.

Stuart founded and ran an outsourced logistics provider for more than 20 years, before exiting via a trade sale in 2011. He's since helped several businesses both strategically and operationally. He's a can do/will do person, highly supportive and loves helping make a substantial positive difference to his client's businesses.

Chris Pearse, Partner


  • Teams & Facilitation
  • Sales
  • Business Strategy

Also Marketing, Leadership, Manufacturing, R&D, Financial Management & Professional Services.

Chris has started, developed and managed a number of businesses both in the UK and abroad. He has extensive experience helping businesses overcome challenging issues to find growth, and has worked with a wide range of enterprises resolving managerial, strategic, team, communication and interpersonal issues.

James Davey, Partner


  • Financial Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing

Also Sales, People Management, Professional Services, Manufacturing/Production & Customer Service.

James has a well-proven track record in business turnaround and growth projects. With hands-on experience in managing businesses on a day to day basis and having built a successful business which no longer requires his day to day involvement, James is now helping others fulfil their dreams of owning and running sustainable, profitable businesses.

Mark Kiteley, Partner


  • Business Strategy
  • Customer Service
  • Corporate Governance

Also Distribution, Manufacturing/Production, R&D, Sales & People Management.

Mark has a high level of business expertise, having built and managed three enterprises through to exit. His specific sector experience is in Services Management, Technology and Reverse Logistics, but his broad range of skills particularly in areas of strategy planning, business development and solution finding via lateral thinking means he enjoys working in a multitude of sectors.

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