Part Time Love – how to employ top talent for an affordable rate of pay

by: October 7, 2014

For SMEs on a tight budget, employing great people on a part-time basis is the key to unlocking considerable growth and success.

Many young businesses struggle to be able to offer salaries that compete with their more affluent counterparts. Yet attracting and retaining high calibre well-motivated people in your business is undoubtedly the most important secret to entrepreneurial success.
It’s perhaps a difficult bridge to cross for the hectically busy entrepreneur working 60-100 hours/week – the concept that someone can make a massive contribution and ‘only’ work say 25 hours/week. But when you start to realise the talent and calibre of people you’ll be able to attract into your business, perhaps you’ll get your head around it.
Have a look at job ads online.  Nearly all of them are full-time positions and, of the few that aren’t, generally they’re for relatively low skilled jobs.
Yet there’s an enormous pool of exceptional professional people out there, looking for an interesting job that’ll fit around their other commitments:
  • Highly competent women (and men too) who’ve put their work career on hold in order to bring up young children
  • People who’ve been very successful in their careers, maybe even their own business, who are keen to work for mental stimulation and are not hell-bent on clambering up the career ladder
  • Retirees with tons of experience and often quite a bit of wisdom too 
There aren’t many employers that are tapping into this pool of talent. So if you were to offer the flexibility to adapt hours of work to meet an individual’s needs, you’d become one of the relatively few employers that do – and consequently you’ll be able to attract people that you never before imagined would be possible.
Still not convinced?  Do you think that someone working 20 hours will contribute around half of what an employee working full time would? Well think again – we’re talking here of people whose contribution is way beyond something you can measure in hours worked. And on top of that, working less hours normally results in being exceptionally focused in achieving, and cutting out the unfocused time that a full time employee unavoidably has.
It’s the way to go.  Try it.  Break the mould.  Do something different.  Be succcessful.


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