Relax – don’t do it | 5 questions to answer before you take that holiday…

by: July 15, 2014

To how many of us does the prospect of a holiday fill with doom and gloom? The stress of being away from the urgency of work, the worry that the business will struggle without you, and the thought of returning to an inbox jam-packed with emails, paperwork and unsolved problems. 

A recent straw poll in the Institute of Directors LinkedIn group showed that most directors work when on holiday, some up to 4 hours a day. Surely this is crazy?

Yet being able to go on holiday is a great test of whether you’ve managed to build a good team around you and empowered them to take full responsibility. This ‘dream team’ approach is a far more positive view. So, before you relax, ask yourself:

  1. Who handles that call from a huge sales prospect ….that finally shows real interest just after you’ve left for sunnier climes?
  2. Who interviews your main competitor’s highly successful national sales manager if s/he wants to jump ship the week you’re gone?
  3. Who implements the contingency plan if the power supply goes down?
  4. Who else deals with the unexpected VAT inspection?
  5. Who answers the phone if someone wants to buy the company?

All decided? Good! Then relax and take that well-earned break – happy holidays!

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