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Letting go and achieving more

It’s not unusual for business owners to struggle to employ people in senior business-critical roles. Yet it's completely critical if you want to grow successfully.

April 3, 2016  

Your Business Isn’t WhatsApp

It's reality check time. If you want external investment, you need to apply a realistic valuation to your business. But don't rush into assuming that external investment is your only course of action.

January 11, 2016  

Let’s do it tomorrow, or the day after….

… or next week, next month, next year? You've got 10 years to achieve a lot, so don't hang about!

November 23, 2015  

How to turn £5 into £500 in four weeks

Hi, my name is Nicole, I’m 12 years old and this is a story of how my friends and I are planning to turn £5 into £500.

November 9, 2015  

Developing your brand: internal knowledge or external expertise?

If you want to be taken seriously in your marketplace a robust brand isn’t just important, it’s absolutely critical. External expertise is usually a prerequisite, but your proactive involvement is critical.

October 24, 2015  

Cash Is The Tactic

For SMEs: how to maximise cash balances, survive, fund growth and reduce stress.

October 12, 2015  

The Pains of Running Your Own Business

Most of the challenges running a successful business can be broken down into just three core areas: revenue, people and cash.

September 28, 2015  

Zonata’s Business Tips

A one-a week series of short business tips

August 1, 2015  

Is the competitiveness of SME’s under threat?

How do SMEs compete effectively against their larger competitors as the latter become more agile?

June 1, 2015  

Rapid Business Growth: 6 Things To Consider

Many businesses stutter and fail at the point where they begin to grow. At first glance this can appear paradoxical: they have a good product that is well-liked by customers and revenues are increasing. How can you avoid this?

May 5, 2015