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How Engineers and Accountants Wreck Businesses

Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds... that's better. Let the indignation and outrage dissipate slightly and prepare for a hopefully reasoned and balanced explanation of this inflammatory statement...

September 8, 2015  

Bounceability – the Secret of Top Performers

The rarely discussed attribute that may be the one thing that differentiates real success from pretty average.

August 24, 2015  

Monday Motivation

50 weeks' worth of energy for Mondays!

August 1, 2015  

Zonata’s Business Tips

A one-a week series of short business tips

August 1, 2015  

Rapid Business Growth: 6 Things To Consider

Many businesses stutter and fail at the point where they begin to grow. At first glance this can appear paradoxical: they have a good product that is well-liked by customers and revenues are increasing. How can you avoid this?

May 5, 2015  

8 out of 10 businesses fail – are you going to be one of the two?

The stats are scary: 50% of all businesses fail within 5 years, and between 7 and 9 in every 10 don't get to their 10th anniversary. The key is to mitigate that risk, and that's down to you.

April 8, 2015  

Leadership by example

How can we create the culture in a business where everyone is completely committed to business success?

February 6, 2014  

Exponential boss power

As the MD/CEO of your business you are the most influential person at work. Rather excitingly, you are the single most important factor in the achievement of success.

January 14, 2014  

You need to leave the box to think out of it

Three simple steps to solving complex business challenges

September 30, 2013