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How Much You Earn Isn’t Anybody Else’s Business

It was disappointing but not particularly surprising to hear Meg Hillier (chair of the Public Accounts Committee) ask Matt Brittin of Google how much he is paid.

February 15, 2016  

Interviewing is like making love

Learn all about the birds and the bees of interviewing.

October 19, 2015  

Got Any Culture In Your Business?

Without doing anything about it, every business has a culture. But not necessarily what we would like it to be.

October 5, 2015  

The Pains of Running Your Own Business

Most of the challenges running a successful business can be broken down into just three core areas: revenue, people and cash.

September 28, 2015  

Zonata’s Business Tips

A one-a week series of short business tips

August 1, 2015  

Why do recruitment agencies still exist?

It's hard to believe that such an outdated business model as that used by recruitment agencies continues to work. Advertising is low cost, it's easy to manage candidate communications, and it's debatable whether agencies provide better results.

March 31, 2015  

Leadership by example

How can we create the culture in a business where everyone is completely committed to business success?

February 6, 2014