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Letting go and achieving more

It’s not unusual for business owners to struggle to employ people in senior business-critical roles. Yet it's completely critical if you want to grow successfully.

April 3, 2016  

Crossing The Border Or Sitting On The Fence? The EU Referendum for SMEs

Every business leader has a duty to understand and articulate the pros and cons of the UK staying in or leaving the EU

January 12, 2016  

Career Breaks For Entrepreneurs?

Sounds like a bit of an anathema: surely people who run their own businesses work hard and don’t have time for luxuries such as career breaks?

December 16, 2015  

How do you keep a competitive edge?

It’s easy when you start. You’ve got a blank sheet of paper and you can create pretty much whatever you want.

November 18, 2015  

Got Any Culture In Your Business?

Without doing anything about it, every business has a culture. But not necessarily what we would like it to be.

October 5, 2015  

The Pains of Running Your Own Business

Most of the challenges running a successful business can be broken down into just three core areas: revenue, people and cash.

September 28, 2015  

Weird characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

Some not entirely tongue-in-cheek observations of the personality traits that make the difference

September 15, 2015  

The Power of “Well Done”

When you're completely focused on achieving your business goals, it's easy to be more abrupt with people than you might ideally want to be.

August 10, 2015  

Zonata’s Business Tips

A one-a week series of short business tips

August 1, 2015  

Charisma – Less is More

Charismatic people have a magnetic quality that draws you to them. Can such a quality be 'boosted' in those who don't exude charisma naturally?

July 27, 2015