The 10 guaranteed steps to great business success

by: June 9, 2015

The 10 guaranteed steps to business success

Here it is. The complete 10-step methodology that guarantees your business will be phenomenally successful.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, whether it’s 10, 17 or 42 steps, it’s what’s peddled by many self-proclaimed business experts in articles on the web and within their businesses as the panacea for success. Of course it’s baloney.

Just one book to read?

If building and running a business was as simple as that, there would be one book on the subject, everyone would read and follow it, and all businesses would achieve everything their owners and stakeholders ever wanted. LinkedIn would be much quieter, without the plethora of articles providing help, advice and wise words on business matters.

10 factors for success?

No, it’s not like that. There’s an almost infinite number of factors that influence business success, and it’s not just those factors on their own. It’s the inter-relationship between many of them.

Some of those factors are tangible, factual, process-driven, accurately measurable, right or wrong. Others are highly subjective, full of shades of grey, judgement and opinion.

What to focus on?

Methodology and process have their place – they can facilitate reflection and thought about how to improve what one does, and they can bring focus on areas that otherwise might be overlooked or ignored, but on their own they do not lead to business success.

With all the talk about methodologies for business success, the need for business strategy and leadership skills, it’s easy to overlook the fundamental basics. Critical to business success is having a product or service that people want to buy. Get that right, and the rest we can work on.



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