The Power of “Well Done”

by: August 10, 2015

The Power of Well Done 1000x1000

When I was flat-out building and growing my software business some time back, I can remember how ruthlessly focused I had to be in order to stand a decent chance of achieving our goals. And undoubtedly I made plenty of mistakes, invested in things that I shouldn’t have done, ‘saved’ money by not investing in other things I should have, rushed around like a certain type of blue fly, and plenty of times was probably shorter with people who worked for me than I should have been.

But we try to learn from our mistakes, we listen to feedback and adapt, and set about on a process of continual self-improvement. At least we do if we want to be truly successful. Nowadays I use the experience of those hard-learnt lessons to benefit other people who are similarly flat-out building their own businesses.


One of the lessons I learnt was the enormous business benefit to be gained from spending quality time with individuals who worked for me, showing interest and being genuinely interested in them, and listening, properly listening, to what they said. Invaluable information, superb feedback and ingenious ideas come from people who know that you respect and trust them.

Yesterday something happened to me that reminded me how powerful this is. I’m on mission to regain a strong level of fitness and part of this involves three fairly tough sessions at the gym every week. The gym manager, who really knows his stuff at the tender age of 22, has helped me work out a revised programme. He’s shown interest in me, he’s shown respect, as of course I therefore respect and trust him. After day two of the new workout, he came up to me and said “well done”. Sounds so trivial doesn’t it? Yet that “well done” meant a lot to me, motivated me, and has kept me on track.

Remember the power of your “well done”. And well done to you if you do!


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