Weird characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

by: September 15, 2015

Uncomfortable fact: many people who run their own businesses are never going to be highly successful.

Even more uncomfortable fact: a high proportion of businesses fail, and most of those that don’t are destined for the unattractive position of mediocrity.

Of course success, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Very simply success is about the achievement of goals whatever they may be: maybe financial, but more often expressed in other terms such as quality of service, social benefit, product affection or independence.

So, after many years of working with all sorts of business owners, I thought I’d share with you some not entirely tongue-in-cheek observations of what perhaps are the real personality traits that make the difference. At first glance, they might appear a little negative… 

  • Being obsessional.  A neurosis for getting things right, a perverse passion for customer service, a compulsion for quality, and the phobia of losing a pitch.
  • Untameability. A wildness that never thinks inside any box (what box?), an unwillingness to tow the line, a rampant need for new markets, and a boisterous energy for recruiting talent.
  • Single-mindedness.  A complete focus on business goals, a spotlight on product development, the pinpointing of areas for improvement, and a concentration on overcoming obstacles to success.
  • Self-doubt.  The insecurity of recognising that you can do better, the instability of accepting mistakes, the precariousness of putting everything on the line, and the vulnerability of employing people better than you are.
  • Fear of failure. The anxiousness to manage cashflow effectively, the panic that makes you work long hours, the terror to never stop thinking about new opportunities and growth, and the cold feet that keep you on the move.
  • Laziness.  The weariness to delegate, the negligence to listen to others, the apathy to not care if your competitors can’t compete against you, and the drowsiness to have a good night’s sleep.



Not like you? Don’t give up the day job then.


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