Where’s the talent in your business?

by: September 17, 2014

“No-one seems willing to take responsibility and get on with what needs doing without first checking with me.”

“Why can’t people present solutions rather than problems?”
“If it wasn’t for me this business would grind to a halt.”

“I’ve grown this business significantly in terms of people numbers but I’m still working 80 hours a week, fire-fighting and dealing with a lot of day to day routine.”
Any of this sound familiar?  Crazy isn’t it that you employ all these well paid people, delegate responsibility and yet it always seems to come bouncing back to you? So why is this the case and what can you do about it?
The people who work for you want to do their best.  That’s a fact – ok there may be a few exceptions but believe me it’s true. They’re devoting a significant portion of their lives to your business, and most people want to do a great job, enjoy work, and feel successful. They want to be proud of where they work and what they do.
Fundamentally the solution lies in creating and developing a culture and management style that provides true individual empowerment of the people working within your business. That way everyone in your business will use what they’ve got, and what they can gain, in order to contribute to their maximum.
One of the key starting points is being as open as possible about the business – so full and proper sharing of business goals and objectives, business performance against those goals, challenges and opportunities that the business faces.  The culture, leadership and management style has to achieve the goal of ensuring that people feel able to, and want to, and actually are able to, use their skills, ability, experience and judgement to maximise their contribution to the achievement of business goals.
And that culture starts with the person at the top.  You have to completely believe that your people want to do a great job, understand what you need to do to empower people, be totally committed to doing so, and lead by example.

Easy really.  It’s verging on criminal not to.


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